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Launching At the moment: AMD’s Radeon RX 6500 XT, Starring Navi 24

January 19, 2022

Following its announcement help at CES, proper this second time AMD is formally launching the entry-diploma member of its Radeon RX 6000 assortment of video taking part in playing cards: the Radeon RX 6500 XT. Consistent with AMD’s new Navi 24 GPU – the primary GPU made on TSMC’s N6 course of – AMD is broadening their desktop video card lineup by including a model new low-discontinuance chance. And whereas the $199 designate impact isn’t any longer going to anger worthy enthusiasm, the addition of yet another video card SKU – and one which’s barely pointless for crypto mining – is inclined to be a welcome discount for the ability-constrained discrete video card market.

Diving applicable in, the plentiful {hardware} sample driving the brand new desktop taking part in playing cards is the introduction of AMD’s new Navi 24 GPU. The fourth and apparently remaining member of AMD’s Navi 2x GPU stack, Navi 24 is aimed on the low-discontinuance/entry-diploma part of the market. The smallest of the Navi GPUs has thought of AMD as soon as additional make use of a scalpel to the Navi 2x construction, actually slicing Navi 23 in half of to ship a phase with half of of the CUs, half of the Infinity Cache, and roughly half of of the power consumption.

And it’s not sincere applicable the choice of CUs which have been throughout the discount of down; AMD has stripped down the Navi 2x tag sincere applicable about as a ways as a result of it is going to creep. Navi 24 provides sincere applicable 2 narrate controllers, for instance. And a PCIe 4.0 x4 bus. In the meantime the Infinity Cache is sweet 16MB – although even at that measurement, the Infinity Cache consists 15% of AMD’s transistor funds. And even the video encode/decode blocks have been scaled down, with AMD taking away the encode block and eradicating AV1 from the decode block. The fetch result’s that AMD is prepared to earn a Navi 2x tag the whole method down to five.4B transistors, fewer transistors than its predecessor, Navi 14, and even the final-generation Polaris 10.

Nevertheless as an added kicker, AMD isn’t reusing TSMC’s 7nm course of for Navi 24. As an completely different, the smallest of the Navi chips is being made on TSMC’s N6 line. This marks the second AMD GPU/accelerator we’ve thought of made on 6nm – after the plentiful CDNA2 chip throughout the Radeon Intuition MI250X – so AMD is taking fat relieve of their discontinuance working relationship with TSMC, and in flip taking relieve of the benefits equipped by what’s actually an additional refined mannequin of TSMC’s 7nm course of. Consistent with what we be taught about N6, the swap to it potential isn’t including worthy throughout the method of efficiency for AMD, nonetheless the roughly 15% improvement in transistor density will enable AMD to earn that many additional dies out of each wafer at a time when fab capacity is at a premium.

All of which makes Navi 24 a in reality runt chip, measuring in at 107mm2. That’s a lot lower than half of the size of Navi 23 (237mm2) and even Navi 14 (158mm2). Which, not to earn hung up on die sizes right here, nevertheless it completely’s essential to underscore sincere applicable how runt Navi 24 is at a time when high-discontinuance PC GPUs are throughout the 500-700mm2 fluctuate. AMD hasn’t made a GPU this runt in virtually half of a decade, after they launched the RX 550 and different facets in line with Polaris 12 (101mm2). To assign it bluntly, Navi 24 is supposed to be AMD’s remaining play in providing an entry-diploma, high-quantity GPU for the PC market, and as well as they haven’t been unnerved to earn some larger characteristic sacrifices to earn there.

In the meantime, quiz to leer Navi 24 in every assign of residing. Together with proper this second time’s Radeon RX 6500 XT begin, there’s moreover the beginning of the Radeon Professional W6400. And OEMs can leer forward to the Radeon RX 6400 touchdown a whereas throughout the first half of of this twelve months. Within the slay, Navi 24 will moreover be making a cell look as a result of the Radeon RX 6500M and RX 6300M. Given its runt die measurement, excessive manufacturability, and commonplace market dynamics round designate, quiz to leer a ramification of Navi 24-powered merchandise over the approaching months.

AMD Radeon RX Sequence Specification Comparability
  AMD Radeon RX 6600 AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT AMD Radeon RX 6400 AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT
Breeze Processors 1792

(28 CUs)

(16 CUs)

(12 CUs)

(22 CUs)
ROPs 64 32 32 32
Sport Clock 2044MHz 2610MHz 2039MHz 1717MHz
Improve Clock 2491MHz 2815MHz 2321MHz 1845MHz
Throughput (FP32) 7.3 TFLOPS 5.3 TFLOPS 3.1 TFLOPS 5.2 TFLOPS
Memory Clock 14 Gbps GDDR6 18 Gbps GDDR6 16 Gbps GDDR6 14 Gbps GDDR6
Memory Bus Width 128-bit 64-bit 64-bit 128-bit
Infinity Cache 32MB 16MB 16MB N/A
Whole Board Vitality 132W 107W 53W 130W
Manufacturing Course of TSMC 7nm TSMC N6 TSMC N6 TSMC 7nm
Transistor Rely 11.06B 5.4B 5.4B 6.4B
Construction RDNA2 RDNA2 RDNA2 RDNA (1)
GPU Navi 23 Navi 24 Navi 24 Navi 14
Delivery Date 10/13/2021 01/19/2022 H1 2022 12/12/2019
Delivery Hint $329 $199 OEM-High quality $199

Diving into the RX 6500 XT itself, at a excessive diploma what we’re is discontinuance to being half of of a Radeon RX 6600 XT. The most important shift, lastly, is halving the choice of CUs to 16, which brings for a stuffed with 1024 SPs. Navi 24 is designed to be a runt phase and that worthy is mirrored throughout the amount of {hardware} at hand. Offsetting phase of that, then again, is that the marketed sport clock is a in reality peppy 2.6GHz, which is just some hundred MHz elevated than even the 6600 XT. Consequently, the 6500 XT punches a bit bit additional mighty than we’d in any other case quiz for a 16 CU phase.

As for reminiscence configurations, the RX 6500 XT will get a 64-bit reminiscence bus. That is in line with halving the completely different sources on the cardboard, furthermore in line with AMD’s tag targets to make train of smaller reminiscence busses on Navi 2x facets than their Navi 1x predecessors. Which method that for the 6500 XT we’re 144GB/second of exterior reminiscence bandwidth, a bit bit larger than we’d in any other case earn courtesy of AMD’s chance to make train of probably the most trendy era of 18Gbps GDDR6 right here. This sooner VRAM is sweet beginning to hit new video taking part in playing cards, and for facets love the 6500 XT with very slim reminiscence busses, its virtues desire to be notably purposeful.

In the meantime, as beforehand talked about, the Infinity Cache has been throughout the discount of the whole method right down to sincere applicable 16MB. So the RX 6500 XT is throughout the attention-grabbing educate of trying to earn probably the most of its runt-but-rapidly Infinity Cache earlier than a plentiful leap in latency when going off-die. Apparently, the Infinity Cache itself has been throughout the discount of down by so worthy at this degree that its super bandwidth is moreover fairly low; in line with AMD’s “blended” figures, the Icache bandwidth is high potential 87.6GB/second, which is high potential about 60% of the VRAM bandwidth. So in contrast to AMD’s increased-discontinuance facets, the assign the Icache bandwidth drastically outpaces the VRAM bandwidth, that’s not the case right here. And which method some great benefits of the Infinity Cache are additional about latency than uncooked bandwidth.

Sadly, this has moreover served as an impetus for AMD to advertise the 6500 XT in line with an “super reminiscence bandwidth” resolve by including up the Infinity Cache and VRAM bandwidth. Which for the RX 6500 XT is 231.6GB/second (144GB/sec VRAM + 87.6GB/sec Icache). Whereas I obtained’t dwell on this degree too worthy, here’s a ridiculous metric. On no different processor will you earn the L3 cache bandwidth be added to the DRAM bandwidth – even in designs the assign the L3 cache is queer of the DRAM. The presence of the Infinity Cache does swap how clients desire to take into story the connection between VRAM bandwidth and efficiency, however including throughout the bandwidth of a itsy-bitsy native cache that’s 1/256th the size of the VRAM pool isn’t any longer the highest potential method to go about it.

Transferring on, as a side relieve of stripping down Navi 2x and leaping to N6 is that power consumption has moreover lengthy gone down. On the cell side this makes for 35W facets, and even on the desktop side we’re power figures that AMD hasn’t been in a educate to match given that Polaris days. With a 107W TBP for uncommon taking part in playing cards (and 120W for manufacturing unit overclocked taking part in playing cards), the RX 6500 XT is a pleasing clip lower than AMD’s different retail RX 6000 assortment taking part in playing cards. Alternatively HTPC builders are going to realize help away a bit bit disenchanted, as a result of the 107W TBP is a long way too excessive for a bus-powered card. The Radeon RX 6400 can be beneath 75W, at sincere applicable 53W, however that phase can be OEM-top potential.

Confederate Taking part in playing cards, Product Positioning, & Availability

Bringing RX 6500 XT to market, in flip, can be AMD’s uncommon secure of add in board (AIB) companions. At the moment’s begin is a pure digital begin – AMD obtained’t be supplying a reference card for retail product sales – so the AIBs earn the whole glory for themselves.

Set up a query to these taking part in playing cards to hurry the fat gamut regarding designs and facets. Consistent with the product photographs equipped by AMD, we’ve already thought of all of the items from single-fan taking part in playing cards to huge triple-fan designs. Equally, quiz a ramification of manufacturing unit overclocked SKUs, owing to the marginally low power of the impolite 6500 XT specification and the reality that AIBs like to make train of manufacturing unit overclocks as a value add characteristic. Retail costs for AIB taking part in playing cards will inaugurate up at $199, with increased-discontinuance choices going for larger than that. And someway, retail costs can be on the whim of the upper retail market.

On that narrate, it goes with out announcing that as a ways as product positioning goes, the assign the Radeon RX 6500 XT fits in to the bigger picture is a repeatedly transferring misery. The continued GPU scarcity method that each particular person common sense has extended since flown the coop – and isn’t coming help any time quickly. So at handiest, we’re ready to concentrate on regarding the assign AMD intends for it to compete, after which we’ll survey the assign the market takes it over the approaching weeks and months.

For the next week in any case, AMD has the velocity of the assign of residing. NVIDIA can be launching the GA106-based completely GeForce RTX 3050 in sincere applicable over per week’s time. Nevertheless since that’s in line with salvaged GA106 dies (and not the smaller GA107s feeble in RTX 3050 for Laptops), it’s on no story certain how present will examine. Furthermore NVIDIA is positioning RTX 3050 as a elevated performing/elevated priced product – the MSRP is $249 versus $199 for the RX 6500 XT – so they might perchance perchance sincere not discontinuance up notably discontinuance to at least one yet another.

Since AMD is the primary out of the gate, AMD’s like efficiency numbers are evaluating the low-discontinuance card to what they’re going to: merchandise love the GeForce GTX 1650 and the generations-extinct Radeon RX 570 4GB, which has fallen out of fashion with cryptocurrency miners this functionality that of its runt reminiscence capacity. In every these instances the RX 6500 XT desire to be a sooner card, in line with AMD.

The RX 570 is de facto a additional attention-grabbing comparability than it on the origin lets on to, every this functionality that of transistor rely and market positioning. Regardless of having round 300 million (~5%) fewer transistors than the Polaris 10/20 GPU feeble there, RX 6500 XT is the sooner product – and right here is with the additional transistor overhead of two generations of extra moderen graphics engine facets, harking back to ray tracing, mesh shaders, and conservative rasterization. Pointless to assert, right here is counted by points AMD has taken out or throughout the discount of help upon, harking back to video encode, narrate controllers, and reminiscence controller blocks. Unruffled, it goes to underscore the assign and the way AMD has streamlined points for his or her smallest GPU.

Unruffled, in line with AMD’s like choice in video video games, it’s not a era forward of both card. The RX 6500 XT is a low-discontinuance video card; the turning into taking part in playing cards it’s going to realize help discontinuance to doubling the efficiency of are similar low-discontinuance taking part in playing cards from 5 years throughout the previous. Taking part in playing cards which by no means offered at $199 to inaugurate up with.

The marginally nice recordsdata is that the 6500 XT should earn a dreadful mining card this functionality that of each its small reminiscence capacity and equally small reminiscence bandwidth, so there shouldn’t be a ramification of put a query to from miners for the cardboard. Alternatively, that can be tempered by the reality that avid avid gamers and different desktop pc builders, moreover going in the course of the ongoing scarcity for video taking part in playing cards, can and have been scooping up even low-discontinuance video taking part in playing cards in notify to earn their fingers on one thing and to whole machine builds. So there’s a in reality nice likelihood that gamer/client put a query to alone is ample to absorb no subject AMD can originate; it’s one thing that can be charge conserving an discover on.

The impolite MSRP of $199, in flip, isn’t any longer unreasonable given new market situations. Nevertheless the 6500 XT is unquestionably not going to be a deal by any stretch of the phrase. Safe your decide on: cryptocurrency mining, inflation, escalating fab costs – whereas the RX 6500 XT should reinforce the ultimate video card present, it’s not going to carry out any favors regarding pricing. In that admire we’re composed a protracted method from uncommon throughout the video card market.

Regardless of all of the items, it’s completely a in reality unfamiliar method to kick off the primary video card begin of the twelve months. And with NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3050 scheduled for subsequent week, we aren’t carried out with low-discontinuance video taking part in playing cards but. The PC market is determined for discrete video taking part in playing cards of any selection, and with the excessive manufacturing volumes afforded by low-discontinuance taking part in playing cards, with any sincere applicable fortune there desire to be some additional flexibility and market availability going into 2022.

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